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  • Blenheim Appliance Repairs has been locally owned and operated by Justin (aka Jut) Bishop and wife Maria (aka Mea) Bishop since 1996.

    Jut trained as an Appliance Service person during the years 1984-1987 and continued in the industry up until 1990.

    After some time away, Jut returned to the appliance repair industry in 1996 when we purchased Blenheim Appliance Repairs from the owner who had been operating the business since 1960. Since then it has been serving towns throughout Marlborough with great dedication.

    In the beginning, we were the service agents for all makes and models which of just 4 major brands. Over time, this has grown to more than 20 different brands of appliance companies from every corner of the globe. This equates to a multitude of models and their variances for each brand and appliance which crosses their path.

    It is our goal to offer the most comprehensive repair and service of both domestic and commercial electrical appliances in Blenheim. We strive to fix any electrical device quickly.

    We also stock thousands of parts and accessories for almost every electrical devices. We don't have what you’re looking for - we will order it in!

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  • Our Team

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    We are the electrical service centre of Blenheim - specialists in the repair and service of most electrical appliances for home and commercial use. We are a local team of qualified electrical technicians.

    Our experienced technicians stay on top of all the new technologies coming onto the domestic whitegoods market, and are qualified to perform service and repair work to all makes and models of leading home appliance brands.

    Whether you're looking to repair your appliance or you're interested in buying/selling a second hand appliance, get in touch with us today to discuss your options.

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    16 Auckland Street
    Mayfield, Blenheim 7201

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    TEL: (03) 578 3601

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